Panera is Visually Verbal

“Food as it should be.”

Panera’s famous tagline was given a new platform when the company launched their Behind the Counter campaign last summer. The following video is what Panera shared in August 2018 to invite viewers into their kitchen:

Like many businesses, Panera uses video production to tell a story communicating why they believe in raising, serving, and eating food that tastes good and is good for you. When consumers are hungry and contemplating what to eat, Panera wants their products to come to mind as individuals make their meal decision: come have food you can feel good about eating.

Just as Panera’s brand is visually verbal through this video, we at Pro Look Media can take your business to the next level in producing videos that depict your brand with high-quality, engaging, dynamic content. Contact us to discover how we can make you visually verbal today!